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​Thank you for all you do to h​el​p us reach
ge​nerations of kids wh​o 
de​spe​​rately need to hear
 a message of hope.​
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This Year is Gonna be BIG!!!

Thanks to God raising up new leaders and donor generosity this past year, we are perfectly positioned for a huge year of kids meeting Jesus in Northern Colorado. 

We need your support! Whether you're interested in sending kids to camp, enabling more contact work, helping supply a club or empowering a Campaigners group, there's a giving opportunity for you. 
Please browse our list of opportunities below,
and thank you again for your commitment
to introducing local kids to Christ! 
Special Ministries
​​Specific Needs
The goal of Capernaum Ministries is to give every kid with disabilities the same chance to hear the Gospel and experience the gift of life as able-bodied kids. While our friends with disabilities are always welcome at Young Life and WyldLife clubs, Capernaum clubs are tailored with extra fun activities just for them.

The purpose of YoungLives is to reach teenage girls who are pregnant or have already entered the role of motherhood by entering their world and modeling the unconditional love of Christ.

Support for ​Local Ministry​

$15 = coffee for a local volunteer & two kids.
$50 = a local volunteer's ministry for one semester.
$100 = local staff ministry for one month.
$500 = one semester of club at one school.
$2,500 = student staff member at one school.

​​Support for Camp

$520 = one kid to summer camp. 
$1,000 = one kid to summer camp & all transportation.
$6,000 = one cabin o​​f kids at camp.
$10,000 = one cabin of kids & all transportation. 

Young Life has been ranked as a top charity by Charity Navigator​.​​​​​​​​

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