Northern Colorado YL

Serving kids in Fort Collins, Loveland,​ and the surrounding area

P.O. Box 2396
Fort Collins, CO 80522
(970) 484-9919

Who We Are

at a Glance

YL in FoCo

two fearless leaders

Jodi Green​ and Greg Hook​ are our co-area directors. ​ Jodi has been on staff with YL for 15 years and serves as a leader on our Capernaum team. ​ Greg has been on YL staff for 13 years and serves as a team leader on our YL College team. They also lead our staff team as we collectively strive to reach kids in Fort Collins and the surrounding area with the love and truth of Jesus.



Loving teen moms

Kim D'Avis, our YoungLives​ coordinator,and her team of volunteers work tirelessly to reach teen moms in the Fort Collins area and get them connected to community, resources, and mentoring. ​ See Kim's link below to support her personal fundraising.

Mission & student Staff

Our four mission ​ staffers​ are being trained up to potentially go on full time YL staff. ​ They are being developed in leadership, ministry, and theology. ​ They help give oversight to our ministries. ​ Our student staff​ is comprised of college students who are investigating what it looks like to be on YL staff. ​ They help lead our teams and plan events. ​ Student Staff and Mission Staff fundraise their salaries see the links below to support them directly.


Teacher staff

Are you a teacher who loves Jesus? ​ We are working on developing our teacher staff program. ​ Teachers love kids, they already have relationships with students and administration, so why not partner with Young Life to develop healthy school relationships? ​ If you're interested contact


Jodi Green
Area Director
Greg Hook
Area director
Sarah Taylor
Area Admin
Kim D'AvisYoungLives​ Coordinator

Staff Continued

Kyle Taylor
teacher staff
Ian Hargis
Capernaum director
Sarah winn
YL College Mission Staff
Dunk johnston
YoungLife ​ mission staff

Student Staff

macy horner
wyldlife mission staff
abby akers
student staff
ally quadhamer
student Staff
cam miller
student staff

Student Staff continued

holden whitney
student staff
lindsey larson
student staff
morgan moss
student Staff
margot oury
student staff

You Were Made for this

Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

Volunteer your time to work directly with young people.

Support the staff and leaders as part of the local adult committee.

Give resources to start or sustain the financial foundation at the local or national level.

The involvement of people like you is vital to healthy, sustainable, quality youth work in your area and across our nations.
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